Skateboard was once considered a dangerous sport and hence looked down by most people. But these days skateboarding has become a trend with more and more people enjoying the game. Buying one is also simple, all you have to do is Choose Boards site, and you can own one and start using it. Skateboarding apart from helping you with a cheap means of transport has a lot of health benefits opines experts at It not only gets you outside but can also turn out to be a fun activity. Ensure you have all the gears needed to keep you safe from falls and prevents you from getting injured.

How to skateboard
Place one foot on the skateboard, using your lower body to move the skateboard. Once you are in control of the board, place the other foot too on the board. To keep moving tilt from one side to another. It is advisable to start at a slow pace initially when you have enough control you can speed up.

Health Benefits of skateboarding

Improves flexibility: To be able to skate, your feet and ankles should be flexible as well as nimble. If you are not agile, you will take more time to learn how to skate. Over a period with more skating your body flexibility improves.

Exercise for the whole body: Skateboarding involves the movement of the entire body. You will be using arms to balance on the skate. Feet and legs to propel it forward as well as twisting your body to keep the board moving, all these at the same time giving you full body a complete workout.

Enhances endurance: Using skateboards as a means of transport means that you will not be using it for a few minutes and wind up. It implies you will be skating for quite some time which brings your endurance up. Even if you are using it for fun, you will see people skating for hours which helps enhance the endurance.

Improves precision: A kid using skateboard learns accuracy. To be able to perform and become successful in a trick, you need to be precise in your movements. Even if you fail, you try again and improvise and improve by making suitable adjustments to succeed in performing the trick. That not only is a confidence booster to your kid but also enhances precision.

Overall coordination: As mentioned above, your arms, legs, feet, eyes every part of your body has to be well coordinated to skate. As you skate more, your coordination improves which is a great life skill to have as it can enhance your quality of life.

Burns Calories: Skating apart from getting you or your kids outside also helps burn calories. With vigorous movements of arms, legs your body gets toned burning all that excess fat to make you look and feel healthy. You can burn close to 500 calories an hour with intense skating.

Teaches patience to kids: Skateboarding is a great way for kids to learn patience. With most kids and youngsters looking for instant gratification, skateboarding teaches you the value of patience and perseverance which will help to learn skating.

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