Compost can be defined as decomposed organic matter through the natural decaying process used as a fertilizer in your garden. This black gold is an earthy substance where all the ingredients in it feel the same. Why would one need to buy compost when you can simply purchase a compost bin and make compost yourself. Compost Bin HQ is a guide to picking up the right techniques before jumping into composting. You can embrace your initiation into green living with regular updates and classes from on composting where you will learn how dead plants, wasted food and piles of grass can turn into compost, giving life to your garden.

Compost has incredible benefits for your home, garden and to the planet, we live in. The waste emanating from your home can be streamlined into becoming money and edible food. The local waste management in your district charges for throwing less of waste on the street and some have strict regulations about composting at home. Find out if your locality allows composting at home before starting. It might be chargeable, but it is still worth every bit of money.

Rethink your strategy and save money by investing in a compost bin instead of running to drop your waste periodically while worrying about landfills. You can become a socially and environmentally responsible human being by embracing the compost bin strategy. Municipalities are creating awareness by educating the public on recycling waste.

A well-prepared compost is balanced with phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen making it a natural fertilizer. It nurtures beneficial microorganisms giving your natural soil benefits without any harmful effects of chemical or synthetic fertilizers. It offers high nutritional value for fruits and vegetables grown using this natural fertilizer. Streamline your kitchen waste and convert it into great fertilizer for your yard. The soil has the potential to retain moisture but loses it over time due to erosion. Adding compost seasonally also protects the soil from drying, thereby lowering your water bills.

The nutrients in the soil are retained for longer and released slowly over a period of time to maintain the health and vigor of the plant when using compost. Nutrients like potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen are naturally created from compost. Compost allows soil aeration, drainage and protection from anchor roots and weeds. Soil erosion is controlled by creating solid, strong topsoil. The thickness of the compost protects the roots from damages caused due to sun and wind. Compost helps in conserving water, acting as a mulch. The water retention capacity is high especially when sandy or loose soil is used for plantation. Similarly, it helps in promoting drainage in clayey soil and other heavy soil types. Compost is used to reduce diseases in the plant due to its high nutritional value.

Be part of the green revolution by conserving the resources of the earth through composting. You can help protect the environment from pollution and landfills by recycling waste into compost benefiting your plants. Spread the awareness of this wonderful homemade miracle fertilizer through community welfare program. With compost, you can be part of a sustainable future.


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