Unless you were Edward Scissorhands, you don’t have to bother about buying a trimmer for your lawn. Whether you have green fingers or you have potted plants for the sheer joy of watching the flowers bloom, a weed wacker is an essential tool for every gardener.
They are referred to by many names like string trimmers and a weed trimmer, but their function is the same- to remove weeds and give your landscape a professional look.

There are an amazing variety of light weight weed wackers online at the best price. To be a better grower, garden essentials listed at can be of use to you. Unlike a mower, a weed wacker can reach conspicuous areas that cannot be cleaned by any ordinary tool.

There are few things to bear in mind when you buy a string trimmer for your garden. Determine the size of the lawn or the area and the locations of the power outlet. Other important deciding factors include the frequency of use; electric or gas-driven trimmer; the design of the shaft- straight or curved and its purpose- domestic or commercial use.

Type Of Trimmer
There are several trimers based on the type and frequency of use. You need to choose between an electric and a gas model. The latter is powerful and is equipped with a 2-cycle engine system that burns oil and gas. If you have a small garden or a patch of greenery behind your home, buy the electric weed trimmer that comes in wireless and corded models.

Before you zero in on a garden tool, take into consideration factors like the area of the lawn, location of a power outlet and the frequency of usage. If you have a vast expanse of land and there are no proper power outlets, the obvious choice is a gas trimmer. However, if you prefer working in a quiet environment and you use the trimmer occasionally, buy an electric trimmer.

Types Of Weed Wackers
For the uninitiated, there are different types of lawn trimmers.

Two-In-One Trimmer
This device is fitted with a head that moves vertically which makes it easier to cut along definite lines or around a plant.

Brush cutter
This large trimmer has metal blades that are run by big engines. You can find them in the handheld model, a walk behind and a tow variant that is best for a large piece of land.

Walk Behind Trimmer
Few models of weed trimmers have a set of wheels at the base and can be tugged along with you. They are suited for areas with uneven surfaces where a classic mower cannot penetrate.

Shaft Design
When you compare trimmers, you have another aspect to look into. The design of the shaft plays a pivotal role in your decision to buy a lawn trimmer.

Straight Shaft
A straight shaft can be used to trim areas beneath the fence, around edges and create a clear demarcation around a lawn.

Curved Shaft
A drive shaft powers the trimmer head and these variants are economically priced when compared to its counterpart, the straight shaft. Choose a shaft that is flexible and that which can be adjusted according to your height.


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