There are a number of other devices that can be used to DVR over the air channels like Take a look at each one before making the final decision and enjoy free TV! For most people paying for cable is an unnecessary expense because they rarely see TV with the advent of Netflix and Amazon Video. And when we do see TV it is to watch a few specific channels instead of all the hundreds we end up subscribing to. This is absolute waste of money. Then a recent headline caught the eye. It said over the air dvr. The article on talked about Microsoft unveiling a new feature on Xbox One that allowed it to record shows from free over the air channels.

Why pay for a cable connection when one can watch shows for free or on iTunes and Netflix? So if you have no cable connection and still want to watch a Live TV even like the Oscars how does one go about it? The answer is simple free over the air channels. These channels are aired for free and are in High Definition. The drawback here is that once you have no cable, you have no cable box to record the shows or a guide to know when the show will be aired. A simple solution to this is to buy a DVR. This can be purchased with an antenna or connected to the antenna you already own. This DVR can now be used to record your favorite shows for free so that you can watch it at your convenience. The service of a program guide can be bought for a few bucks. The overall cost as compared to cable TV is very, very less.

If your bread and butter of entertainment are the likes of Hulu, iTunes and Amazon Video the cable is one thing that you can let go off. Here are a few companies that sell DVRs that can be easily used to record live TV shows.

Boxee TV. It costs less than hundred dollars and it’s per month fee is just fifteen dollars. In this amount one can record as many shows as one wants and upload it to the cloud. One can watch the shows at their own convenience from any device like TV, tab or computer. A good speed internet connection is a must for this DVR. It comes with two tuners that allow the box to multitask as in record a show while you watch another one live.

TiVo is the original DVR. It has been around for ages therefore offers a number of boxes that can be used to record live TV. The advantage of a TiVo connected to an HD antenna is that it can pull a program guide automatically for you. This means you know which show will air when and where at all times. The cost of this is similar to Boxee TV. The disadvantage is that TiVo provides only limited space for recording and the set top box is costlier than Boxee TV. Like the previous option it also allows to record a show while watching another.


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